My Top Five Travel Destinations

Although the day to day life can be quite stressful, the reality is that we live in an amazing world, filled with unique places that we should visit at least once in our lifetime. While we certainly can’t visit everything in the world, I feel that there are some locations which you should go to at least once. All travel destinations included in this list will provide you with lots of places to see, excitement as well as numerous occasion to live some spectacular moments.

1- Costa Rica

My Top Five Travel Destinations - Costa Rica

This is one of the few countries in the world that has it all. From luxurious beaches to amazing rainforests, mountains, rivers and even volcanoes, when you travel to Costa Rica you can literally create your own experience. You can visit one of the numerous national parks and forest reserves, volcanoes, or go on an endurance trip in the mountains. Alongside that, one can relax on the beach and enjoy the amazing vistas that can be found here. Visitors can see one of a kind flora and fauna, relax at the rianfores or beach and experience a one of a kind local food.

2- France

My Top Five Travel Destinations - France

France is widely regarded as a country that oozes love and romantism, so this is my favorite travel destination when it comes to a couple vacations. France also has a lot of tourist destinations as well, from the fabled Eiffel Tower to Louvre or the Cote D’Azur. Alongside that, I also recommend that you try the French wine and champagne, as these are renowned all over the world for their high quality. Local food is mostly Mediterranean, although the country is renowned for its chefs.

3- Australia

My Top Five Travel Destinations - Australia

I like to visit this country because it’s located so far from everything else that you literally feel you are on a vacation while there. On top of that, the culture is very different from what we are accustomed and we can even find some Aborigen tribes. The flora and fauna in Australia are unique as well, with kangaroos and corals being very appealing for everyone visiting the country. Of course, local food is indeed one of a kind as well, not to mention that there are numerous landmarks that you need to visit right away, especially in the western side of the country.

4- Tanzania

My Top Five Travel Destinations - Tanzania

If you love animals and the savannah, then this is the perfect destination. I enjoy visiting Tanzania because I am an animal lover, and here you can find everything from lions to ostriches, zebras, elephants, antelopes as well as numerous other species of animals. In this country you’ll also be able to visit the Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is the largest one in Africa. Visiting the local dwellings and tasting the local food is quite amazing as well, as in my opinion it does complete the overall experience.

5- Switzerland

My Top Five Travel Destinations - Switzerland

Filled with lakes, immense mountains and breathtaking vistas, this country is one of the best locations for anyone that wants to relax. Switzerland is one of the only places in the whole world where you can see nature at its best, untouched. While here you can also visit numerous museums and admire the local architecture which does look astonishingly well.

These are my top 5 travel destinations that I think anyone should visit at least once. All these countries have an amazing history and lots of impressive locations that you simply can’t miss. I recommend that you try to visit at least a few of them, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Enjoy an Exclusive Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacation

For newlyweds seeking the perfect combination of adventure and extravagance, Costa Rica is one of the most popular and highest-ranked destinations. This mystical country simply has everything a honeymooner could ask for: beautiful beaches, rainforests full of exotic plants and animals that are ripe for exploring, surfing, para-sailing, kayaking, fishing, and countless other activities. Everything about Costa Rica exudes romance, which is what makes it such a popular destination. Hotels realize that the country makes for an ideal honeymoon getaway, so increasing numbers of them create packages and deals specifically for couples seeking the perfect honeymoon. One of the best, however, is without a doubt the honeymoon experience provided by Cala Luna.

The Cala Luna hotel is situated among ancient trees and the lush, tropical native vegetation on the secluded white sand beach known as Playa Langosta, which is in close proximity to Tamarindo. Guests staying at Cala Luna experience only the best: with superior services and amenities and packages perfect for every pair of newlyweds. They know all about romance, having learned from the gorgeous romantic culture that runs thickly in the waters of Costa Rica, and they do everything in their power to ensure that, as couples fall in love with the beauty of Costa Rica, they fall more in love with each other. In addition to their exquisite location, Cala Luna offers such luxuries as open-air yoga, relaxing spa treatments, and a variety of activities that will provide any couple with the adventure they desire without the stress of hunting for it.

Cala Luna offers a deluxe room that is perfect for honeymooners. With an area of 170 square feet, it is cozy while also providing adequate room for couples to spread out and relax after an exciting day of surfing or zip-lining– complete with a king size bed and a gorgeous patio terrace. Every one of these individually decorated rooms has efficient air conditioning and fans, ensuring utmost comfort for guests, as well as a flat screen television and free WiFi. In addition to these amenities, a stay in their deluxe room includes breakfast made from fine local ingredients in their lovely restaurant by the pool.

Cala Luna has two packages perfectly tailored for couples on their honeymoon. The first, their Adventure for Two, comes with three nights’ accommodations, zip-line and ATV tours, a surf lesson, and even sparkling wine with delicious chocolate strawberries. The second is their Beach Getaway, which features three nights’ accommodations, a relaxing massage, a candle-lit dinner for two in their beautiful gazebos, and of course, strawberries and sparkling wine. Their excellent packages are just one reason why so many couples book their exclusive Costa Rica honeymoon vacation at Cala Luna.